food/exercise log for 7/15

Ugh I feel like crap today and my breakfast choice reflects that. 

iced latte 90
scone: 460

breakfast cookie: 180

Turkey sandwich with 1 slice cheese, no dressing (made at home)-270
Baked Lays: 160
Nutrigrain bar: 140

Nutrigrain bar 140

Subtotal before  dinner:  1440

L. wanted to go for a walk to Qdoba so we walked there and back.  We both had free cupons for chips but I didn’t have any of my own (I had like 5 of hers) and had diet coke instead. 

rice: 180
lettuce (how many calories does lettuce have?)
dressing: 50
carrots: 70

total: 1740

Walk:  not a very fast pace, but for 2.8 miles

So over all, not brilliant, but not horrid either.  


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