Monday 8/17

iced coffee, iced coffee, half a muffin

clif bar

healthy choice meal

dinner: bagel

It’s too hot and humid here to eat or move.

I did join the new gym today, but I didn’t work out.  After I joined it was like 2 and I was starving; not the best time to work out.  And then I was going to go later but I had to make my finals and it is way too hot here and after having an upset tummy all weekend I didn’t want to make myself ill.  I do NOT do well in heat and humidity.  

So tomorrow night is the plan to work out.  Go me.

It is actually less than I wanted to spend and there are so many classes and I really think this will be a good place.  I also booked some personal training sessions for a little extra (I need to do this) so I am hopeful.  My friend Amy works out like crazy there so I am hoping she will keep me going.  


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