How to give a presentation

So today was my presentation day. I spent a good portion of the night unable to sleep stressing out over said presentation and not to mention the epic fail that is the remainder of my life. Don’t ask. Let’s suffice to say that I overreacted. Badly. And made a fool of myself. But I digress.

The presentation. I felt rather underdressed and had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. I was wearing a new dress and well I hadn’t really looked over myself that carefully before I left (for once I was running late). Let’s just say that my tits looked more spectacular than usual and were more on show than I cared to share to the education department. (Especially the Baptist minister in the front row.) Yeah. Go me. Always check yourself in the mirror folks, especially before an important meeting or presentation.

The panel started at 10 and there were 3 people scheduled before me. This gave me time to drink some horrible tea and water and somewhat wake up. The first presentation I had no idea what it was about; it was a bit over my head actually. Some of the terminology was not something I was familiar with so it was hard for me to follow. The second was by a Baptist minister and discussed the religious and spiritual values found in the Curriculum for Excellence. This also showed a gap in my understanding of schools here in the UK; I was unaware that religion was part of the general curriculum (unless I misunderstood the presentation). The third was by a former Olympic athlete who is studying the various types of athletic events (including the Olympics) and their effects and student athletes and their participation.

Then it was my turn. I started off with the trailer to the Bully documentary. I think this set the tone, easily.

I was very nervous as I was unsure if I had enough material for 20 minutes, and when I get nervous I talk faster and ramble. I didn’t have a script prepared- I sort of went off the top of my head but I ended up running out of time faster than I expected! I also had several questions asked of me afterwords, which was interesting and helpful.

It was an interesting experience and I learned a few things. 1. Always dress to impress. 2. You always manage to pull it together in the end. 3. Even if your tits are spectacular, the world doesn’t need to se them. 😉

Here is the presentation for those interested.
(edit: IDK why the plugin isn’t working, but the download link should work. I hope)

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