Half-Marathon Training: Week 4

Sunday: an hour Pilates reformer class.  It was just me, so we had a great one-on-one session.

Monday: 2 quick miles in the rain.  I was feeling really, really stressed out, so I grabbed my trainers and off I went.  I normally refuse to run in the rain, but I knew the gym would be too packed at that time, so I just went and ran.

2016-07-10 19.20.22

Tuesday: Mat Pilates for an hour

Wednesday: 30 minutes on the reformer + close to an hour sports massage.

Thursday: 5K.  This was the first run where I can say that I felt really, really good (since the 10K that is).  I felt confident, fast (ha!), and I had no pain whatsoever!  It was really nice to get out and just run, although I could have done without the headwind on the way back.

2016-07-10 19.20.14

Here I am at the halfway point- note the wind!

2016-07-07 17.35.03

Friday: Rest day!

Saturday: 5 miles.  It was insanely humid (and warm for once)!  I felt really slow, like I was running through treacle.  I was nowhere as fast as Monday, but as this was a long run, I wasn’t really bothered.  My right knee was a bit achy about halfway in, but nothing close to like it was during the 10K.  It feels fine now after yesterday’s 22K steps and today’s 16K+ and an hour on the reformer.

2016-07-10 19.20.08


Overall, I feel like this was a solid week of training.  This coming week is very thesis heavy as I have a first draft due on Friday! (EEEEK!) I’m hoping that I will get it done and still have time to work out.  I’m sure it will be doable, if I manage my time well enough.

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