Half-marathon training: Week 10

This week was tough.  I had so much work to get done and I constantly felt behind, no matter how much I did. I did get all three of my runs in, but Thursday I cut it short as I just didn’t have any energy.  Saturday was also shorter than it should have been and I still feel guilty over it, but there’s little that can be done about it now.  This week looks to be the same as I am just about 2 weeks away from submission!

Sunday: Last reformer Pilates class (for the time being, or until I find a new day to attend).  We were worked hard and at some point I managed to pinch something, leading to some pins and needles in my calf all week (it’s just about gone thank Rassilon!). It was very anxiety provoking and gave me a lot of worry thinking that there was something really wrong with me (thanks anxiety!).

Monday: 2 mile run. Quick in and out.

2016-08-21 13.45.16


Tuesday: Mat pilates class and lots of walking.

Wednesday: 6 and change mile run (should have been 7). It was really warm and sunny here for once and I waited as long as I could to get the run in.  I wanted more time off between this run and my long run, so I moved the run to Wednesday.  My biggest problem was fuel; I had ice cream for lunch (it was a nice day, can you blame me?) and I just didn’t have enough energy.  Not to mention running on a numb/tingly calf was causing me such stress. . . I just wanted it over and done with.

2016-08-21 13.45.25

Thursday: Rest day/walk

Friday: Friday was the worst day of the week. I was really stressed out and anxious and did nothing but work for the most part.  I’d rather not repeat such a day.

Saturday: OUT 5 mile run.

This run was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it.  When I left for Kelvingrove Park (where the race began) I was worried as it was raining.  I do not like to be wet when running.  I will avoid it at all costs.  I have serious texture issues and I cannot handle the feeling of wet socks or clothing touching my skin.  I know it sounds weird, but it is very bothersome, so I just avoid situations where it would happen.  Luckily, the rain stopped right before the race began, and it was fine.


2016-08-20 09.37.04

I was also a bit apprehensive about this run as it was in Kelvingrove and that’s where the Women’s 10K was where I got injured.  I still was unsure what the cause of that was but I am leading to heat + hills.  I only had to worry about the hills on Saturday.  I was very careful when it came to the hills, especially going down.  I think the last time I just flew down them and wasn’t really ready for that.  This time I made sure I approached them cautiously and much slower.  I felt confident along the route, one I hadn’t gone along in some time.  I used to run this route a lot before I started along the river quay and forgot how quiet and peaceful it is. I wanted to finish in under an hour and would have (based on chip time, as I did run the 5 miles in under an hour according to my Fitbit) had it not been for the hills that mile 4 started off with.  It was uphill for what seemed FOR EVER.  I had to walk it as there was no way I was going to attempt running them; I probably would have been slower.

2016-08-21 13.45.37

I was supposed to run an additional 3 miles afterwards, but my knee was feeling really achy, so I played it cautiously and just made up the distance by walking to get some things done before I settled down to work.

It was a pretty stressful week and I am sure the next 2 weeks won’t be any less stressful.  I look forward to finishing this thesis!

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