Half marathon training week 1 run 1

Hello! Welcome to my training for the Royal Parks Half Marathon! I’ll be blogging each of my running workouts over the next 16 weeks. Maybe I might even post a vlog, if I can get over the fact that I sound like a 10 year old. Each post will contain the basics of the workout, what kind of run, distance, goal pace, actual pace, and weather conditions as well as a summary of how the run went.

I’ll also be talking about how I’m running for Switchboard and fundraising for them again! I’m really excited to be doing so and hopefully it will be as great a success as the previous two fundraising endeavours. I’m just setting up the donation page, and there will be a link in the coming days.

You can also follow my training on Strava.

The basics

Run type designation: easy
Distance: 4.5 miles
Goal pace: 11 min/mile
Actual pace: 11’47”
Weather: Sunny, humid, windy, and about 22C (or really flipping hot to me at least!)

How did the run go?

I prefer to run after breakfast, around 10am-1pm. However, today I had an eye doctor appointment, which meant I had to run a bit later than I normally do. I went out around 6pm and it was sunny and hot. I’ve obviously acclimatised to the weather here, as 20C/70F feels really warm, especially when running. So this run wasn’t as good as it could have been, but it could have been worse.

Hopefully, the runs planned for mid week will be better and a bit faster!

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