Half Marathon training W1 R3

Today’s run took place later than usual due to the fact I was out all day attempting to find shoes for graduation!  It would be easier to find a needle in a haystack!

The Basics:

Run designation: easy

Distance: 3 miles

Goal pace: 11 minutes per mile

Actual pace: 11’24” (but miles 2 and 3 were 10’46 and 10’59” respectively)

Weather: Windy, mild, cloudy with breaks of hot sunshine

How did the run go?

I’ve certainly had better runs!  I felt like I was very slow and sluggish the first mile (and at a 12’28” pace I was!) I don’t think I had waited enough time between eating my late lunch and running and it was later than I liked and I was just tired overall and really wasn’t feeling it at first.  Once that first mile was under my belt and I had finally got into a rhythm, I felt much better and the run ended on a better note than it started.

No running tomorrow; Friday’s a rest day.  I’ll be getting primped at the salon ahead of my graduation on Tuesday!  That is if I can find a pair of shoes tomorrow afternoon.


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