Half Marathon training W1 R4

Horray!  That’s the first week of training done and dusted!

The basics:

Run designation: long, easy

Distance: 5 miles

Goal pace: 11 minutes per mile

Actual pace: 11’48 (UGH!)

Weather: mild but windy AF

How did the run go:

I was well fuelled and hydrated for this run.  The first mile is always a bit slow as I walk for a few minutes to warm up.  I felt I really got into my stride during the second mile, mostly as the wind was at my back, (10’56).   Once I turned around and headed back home, I was running INTO the wind and oh did it suck.  I felt like the wind was tripping me up and several times I tripped over my own feet.  There were points where I was running so slow because I couldn’t get up enough resistance against the wind.

I run along the river and there are points where I feel like I’m just running into a wind tunnel on a windy day.  That was most certainly the case today.  It felt as though I was trying to run in water; my thigh muscles felt like they were working overtime!  Hopefully I won’t be too sore tomorrow!

While I wasn’t pleased with the overall pace, I’m glad I went out there and took on the weather.  Hopefully someday I will be better at running in windy conditions!


How did week 1 go?

Overall, ok.  I definitely need to work on pacing myself better.  I foresee some treadmill running this coming week, due to the rainy forecast, so I can work on finding a comfortable pace for these easy runs.  I also need to work on nutrition and fuelling these runs.  The past few days have contained far too many Timbits, so I need to come up with a better plan!

Next week also sees a deviation in schedule as my graduation is Tuesday, so I’ve had to move some of my other workouts around.  There will be some double workout days in the plan for sure!

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