Half marathon training W2 R4

And we’ve come to the last run of the week, which out of all of them happened to be the best one of them all.  I went out today with no agenda, just to run.  I left all the stresses of the week out there along the river and just tried not to think, just listened to music and let it all go.

The Basics:

Run designation: Long run, easy

Distance: 5 miles

Goal pace: 11 minutes per mile

Actual pace: 11’08”!

Weather: cloudy and mild; windy

How did the run go?

Like I said, this run was the best of the week.  Everything felt good and I felt like I was pushing myself but it was a good feeling.  3 of the 5 miles were in the 10 minute mile range, and I could tell when I had slowed down a bit on the 4th mile due to the gusting winds.  Overall, I felt really good about this run, and felt fine while running it.  I’m hoping this carries over to next week!

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