Half marathon training Week 4 Run 4

And thus concludes week 4 of training!

The basics:

Run designation: long, easy pace

Distance: 5 miles

Intended pace: 11 minutes per mile

Actual pace: my Fitbit said 10’52” average and the treadmill said 11’08”

How did the run go?

It was supposed to rain all day.  It rained before I went to the gym and it rained after.  It didn’t rain while I was actually on the bloody treadmill!  Of course!  Oh well.  The run was fine, I felt fine, my foot didn’t cramp up, and this means I’ve taken nearly 7 minutes of my 5 mile time since last year.  I’ll take it.

Starting next week the long runs will becoming longer by the week until a slight step down in week 8, which I might swap with week 9.  I am running a 5 mile race on the 19th of August and it will be easier to tack on an additional mile after instead of 3.  It all depends on how I’m feeling and what else I’ve got planned for those weekends.

Cumulative distance thus far:

Overall distance for week 4: 17.05

Overall distance for week 3: 18.15

Overall distance for week 2: 14.08

Overall distance for week 1: 12.70

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