Half marathon training Week 5 Run 2

This week has not been my week.  I think I should just be happy that I’ve gotten out there and gotten the mileage in, and just not stress over the pacing right now.  It’s really not my strong suit, and I know I need to work harder and do better.  I’m just so tired right now, and running seems more difficult than it should.

The basics:

Run designation: steady

Distance: 4.5 miles

Intended pace: 10-10:30 per mile

Actual pace: Not even close at 11’27” on average

How did the run go?

Today’s run was ok, but it was humid and very windy and I felt like I was struggling throughout the entirety of the run. I was just tired and frustrated, but I did have the new Blake’s 7 audio to listen to, which was a yay!

Tomorrow will be the third run of the week and I have a massage scheduled for the afternoon and hopefully that will sort me out for a bit!  Definitely need some self-care right now!

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