Half Marathon training Week 7 Run 1

Welcome to week 7! After a much needed rest day (and I actually did rest instead of going to a Pilates class or lifting or walking for 2 hours) I was hopeful about today’s run.  And while it wasn’t 100% perfect and on plan, it was closer than most of my attempts last week.  So I will take it.

I do know I really need to work on setting a consistent pace (like how to people do that?) and running and breathing while running into a gusty headwind (or maybe I need to find a route with less wind tunnel factors?).  At least I still have some time to figure all of this out.  And at the very least, based on the running that I have been doing, I’ll have a massive PR come October.

The rest of this week looks very rainy, so there might be some treadmill running in the very near future.  Hopefully, there will be some dry times this weekend as I’ve got 10 miles on the schedule!

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