Half marathon training week 8 run 3

I really enjoy Thursday runs as they are only 3 miles. 😊  Not that I don’t enjoy the other runs, but 3 miles is just a quick run to the Squinty bridge and back and it really frees up the rest of my day to do other things.  I don’t have to worry about fuel or water; all I need I can shove in the pockets of my capris or shorts- and I’m off.

Today I felt good, once the vestiges of soreness of the first mile wore off.  I felt pretty good for most of the run and was only mildly annoyed when my old foe, the headwind, had returned.  It was a bit chilly at first as well, with no sun beating down to keep me warm.


Tomorrow is a much needed rest day and I am looking forward to it.  Saturday looks to be a lovely day for an 8 mile run!

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