Half marathon training week 9 run 1

Welcome to week 9!  Week 9 is where the training ramps up again in the form of tempo runs on Mondays.  Now, the run is meant to be done at a 9 mile per minute pace, which is very close to me sprinting all out.  I’m only 5’2″ and that is definitely not all leg.  😂

I did some investigating and found that the tempo run could be run 5 minutes fast 5 minutes slower- repeat until done.  So, this is what I did.  It was the practical solution.  I also ran this on the treadmill because 1. it was raining and 2. I can maintain a steady pace on the treadmill whereas trying to maintain a 9 and change pace outside doesn’t work well for me.

It went better than I expected, and I found I really didn’t need the 5 minutes of rest, more like 2-3 minutes if that.  Something to work on next Monday.  By the end, I was completely soaked through all my layers which was pretty gross, tbh.


Hopefully, the remainder of runs this week will go as well!

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