I was born and raised in MA, USA. I attended Framingham public schools and went on to Clark University in Worcester, where I received a B.A in Sociology with a minor in child psychology. After getting my degree I worked in IT until 2003, when I began working as an instructional aide in Worcester. I received my first Masters in Elementary education from Anna Maria College. I went on to teach in 2 separate private middle schools, and then worked as a substitute teacher for a year. Through no fault of my own was I able to secure a full time teaching position in Massachusetts public schools. I believe that because of my extensive education and experience I was too costly on the step system for schools to hire me. At least that is what I believe. I believe I am a fully competent and fair educator and any school should be lucky to have hired me. (Of course I still have a small part of my brain worry that there is some blacklist out there with my name on it for whatever reason.)

Up until September of 2010, I lived in Boston and worked as a substitute teacher/teacher/blogger.  (I’m a licensed teacher in MA, in elementary education) I spent a glorious year in Glasgow getting a second Masters degree and conducting research on bullying in the classroom.  Once my dissertation was completed, I found that I couldn’t get funding on my own (due to being very, very bad with finances and making many bad decisions) and I returned home to Massachusetts. I was back for 4 months and was unable to find full time employment as an educator (or in any field at all). I was lucky to get some family support and returned to Glasgow in January 2012 to pursue my Ph.D in education, studying the effects of cyberbullying.




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  2. rachel
    14/10/2012 / 00:20

    Hi I wonder if you have a contact page ? Your posts on anxiety, depression, and your “about ” page too…it all kind of resonates with me . Deeply lost 🙂
    Email if you can, just for a friendly chat…I’d love gather another perspective or thoughts on my standstill life right now 🙂

  3. 13/01/2013 / 14:50

    I’ve really enjoyed reading through your blog and look forward to following.

  4. 03/05/2013 / 17:17

    I sent this month’s HLB Tea Swap goodies to you in today’s mail!
    I hope you enjoy them.

    • 06/05/2013 / 22:27

      Thanks! I can’t wait to get them!

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