Today was curcuit training and some cardio.  According to my HRM I worked out for a little over an hour and burned about 540 calories with my average heart rate at 142.  

I was lazy for a lot of the day and didn’t really get up until 3ish.  I think if I had slept better I might have had more energy.

Weight was up again today.  I have been debating whether or not to low carb it for a week or so and see what happens with weight.  It is supposed to be the best option for people w/ PCOS.  But carbs are yummy.  🙁
food log

Sunday 8/30- 45mins spinning and then like 2+ hours cleaning my room, fixing and taking apart a bedframe 2x, and moving furniture, vaccuming, etc

Monday 8/31- 45 mins elliptical, 1 hour personal training

Tuesday 9/1- 45 mins elliptical, 5 mins stairclimber

Wed- day off

Thurs 9/3- weight training circuit 45 mins, 30 mins elliptical

Friday 9/4 spinning 60 mins

Saturday 9/5 tbd if I don’t fall back to sleep; 45 mins spinning