spinach bagel, small, with a scrambled egg- no butter

clif bar

bulgur and veggies microwave meal

rice and veggies
strawberry and skim milk smoothie

Today was not a good day.  I’ve had a headache all day and nothing has helped. I also had a huge panic attack at work and left really quick at the end of the day, and cabbed it home, which I never would normally do since it was $20.  (My car was in for service so I took the T to work, and there is no way I would have made it home an hour + on the T and the bus.)  I barely made it home; my stomach was NOT happy.  I rested for a bit and ate a little and then I slept.  I went and got my car.  So I did get a little walking in.  

We had some tiles replaced in the bathroom today so there is no showering until  tomorrow, so it may motivate me to go to the gym so I can shower LOL.  I do want to check out that gym, so maybe tomorrow will be the day.

*iced coffee
*fage yogurt
*flax granola (1 cup)

90 cal granola bar

1 cup pasta
1 lean cuisine mixed with the pasta
crackers and butter b/c I was so frigging starving I couldn’t wait (there are no more so I can’t keep eating them)

bulgur and veggies

eh.  I need to make better choices.  I need to not get so hungry I eat everything in sight.  6 more days of work and maybe after that things will work better for me.. . . .

I haven’t forgotten about this account, I’ve just been busy and still not feeling well.

I’m exhausted all the time and my head hurts all the time and it is hard to want to watch what I eat and work out.  I have joined a group of women and we are entering a challenge at a local women’s gym.  I got 8 free visits to this place as well so I should really check it out.  I even went and got new workout clothes since the shorts I had been working out in had seen better days, and even that doesn’t motivate me.  I’m hoping the change in meds will help but it’s only been 3 days so . . . . .

I also went to the store and went and bought some microwave meals to work on portion control and yogurt and cereal for breakfast so I can stop eating like crap.  I need to try harder, it’s just hard some days….

fage yogurt
3 munchkins

1/2 bagel

turkey and swiss sandwich
baked lays

cheese and crackers

healthy choice meal
fage yogurt

Wow, can you believe it?

I biked for 25 minutes and then I began the C25K program I downloaded for my iTouch.  I joined the LJ group as well,  .

The app worked really well, telling me when to walk and run and keeping me focused. 

Now if I could just get some $$, I desperately need some new workout clothes.  My old Red Sox tshirts and old shorts suck and get so sweat laden.  At least I have my new running shoes.  πŸ™‚

Not much to say or report.  Been trying to keep an eye on my eating with being on the juice and all.  πŸ˜‰

It’s been hard since most of this week I was in agonizing pain.

I am going to my primary this week and maybe she has some ideas, idk.  

Unfortunately steroids=hunger for me so….

But I cleaned the house today and sweat my ass off. 

Gym tomorrow since I have NO excuse