This week was a quiet and uneventful week for me.  I got all my training runs in and spent a fair amount of time worrying about every niggle I felt throughout the week.  At this point in training I’m bound to have some, I know.  I have stepped up the Epsom salt baths, stretching and foam rolling.

Run 1: 4.5 miles tempo run on the treadmill.

I felt this run went well, and I was happy with it.


Run 2: 4.5 miles

Not much to say about this, other than I could have kept a more steady pace.

Run 3: 3 miles

Bleh, too slow.


Run 4: 12 miles

12 miles is long.  It’s long enough that I actually ended up in Rutherglen!  That was a bit of a surprise! I was still terribly slow and that is something I definitely need to work on the rest of this month, but I am hopeful that the adrenaline and excitement of the race will help me pick up the pace.  I’d like to have a significant PR this time around.

But 12 miles is long and I think I definitely need to work on pre-long run fuelling as I felt that I could have had more energy overall.

I didn’t have much to say this week, so I didn’t blog about each individual run.  I missed my first training run on Monday as I hadn’t gotten much sleep and then I had my hair and makeup done for graduation pictures and it seemed a waste to take it all off to go for a run.  This bothered me more than I expected it to, and I was pretty annoyed with myself for not just getting up and going out on the run to start with.

Wednesday was a 4.5 mile run which was fine as was Thursday’s 3 miler.

Today was a very slow, very humid 10 miles that was fraught with technological issues.  My Fitbit kept either pausing itself or wasn’t un-pausing after I had stopped at traffic lights. And then Runkeeper paused and wouldn’t un-pause.  🙄  I have no idea what was going on, but finally I was done and back home.

I’ve certainly had better runs, but given that it was over 80% humidity while I was out there, I was ok with how it went apart from how slow I was.  I just couldn’t maintain a steady pace and I’m not sure if it was the humidity or I was just tired.  Hopefully, next week will be better for all of my runs!




As part of running the Royal Parks Half Marathon, once again I will be fundraising for Switchboard LGBT.  To donate, please visit my fundraising page!  (Hopefully I can fix the pictures this week!)

Oh my Rassilon am I tired!  I am a bit behind in blogging this week because I’ve just been so damned tired.  There was a third run this week and it was uneventful and I just wasn’t in the mood to write about a very predictable 3 mile run.

Yesterday’s 4th run of the week was also a race and a deviation from my schedule.  To be honest, I probably needed the break from the extra mileage (although at the end of the day I had racked up over 14 miles so it really wasn’t restful!) 😂

Ok the race recap.  OUTRun is in its third year here in Glasgow and this is my second year running it.  It’s a 5 mile race and is part of Glasgow Pride weekend here in Glasgow. 🌈

I was a bit anxious all week watching the forecast as it looked as if it were to be sunny at first and then really, really rainy!  I was really lucky and it didn’t rain until I was on my way home.  I got up yesterday morning, ate a donut and had some coffee.  I got ready and headed out to Kelvingrove Park.

After I arrived and picked up my bib, I stood around and waited for the warmups. This was the point that I could have used a friend to talk to. I also had to figure out what I was going to do with my jacket. It wasn’t raining and I knew I’d not want to have it around my waist especially if it did rain. It folds up into a pouch, so I folded it up and then stuck it under a large shrubbery and made note where I put it. It’s pretty old and it would be no big loss if it had walked away. (It was still there when I was done!)

I was anxious about the weather as it looked like it was going to rain at this point, but it remained just cloudy as we went off to the start line. Finally we began and I know I must have started off fast as the first km came in at 6 minutes and something. (Runkeeper tells me my time in km and my watch in miles so I have both.)  The first mile was fine, no real hills, just a slight one toward the end.

The second mile started off fine, but by close to halfway there was a diversion off the regular path b/c of the rain that had fallen previous. So we are running on gravel rocks which is probably on of the more uncomfortable things I’ve run on. I had to slow down b/c I’m clumsy and I didn’t want to trip. It was hell on my hamstrings and hips. Once this ended we were at the halfway point and got water. I had to slow down so I could drink some as my first mouthful while running went down my top. 🙄

This part of the course is way into the park and is quiet and peaceful, mind the other 400 runners. 😂 It’s nice and pretty and will be even nicer in the fall. I might have to do a few runs in the park come October.

Then we finally got to the turnaround point and began to retrace our steps. Of course this meant the gravel bit again. On the left hand side at least it was slightly more packed down so it was a choice between mud and gravel and gravel.

I was tired at this point. I really was. I’ve not been sleeping well and I think this was a huge impact on how I felt.  Around this time I hit 12,000 steps as my Fitbit alerted me to this fact. It sprinkled a bit at this point, but nowhere near actual rain

And then it was mile 4 up a fucking hill. Not even a small hill, like a hill I feel like you need poles to propel you up. I had forgotten about this hill from last year. It’s horrid and I had to walk it b/c I think I would have been slower had I needed to run! This was .20 miles long and once we got back on flat ground I felt like I was running very fast as there was some descent down the other side (not as steep) but it seemed faster. I was very aware of this and I had to intentionally slow down so 1. I didn’t slip on the pavement and 2. didn’t hurt myself as I’ve done that on these stupid hills in Kelvingrove before.

At least I knew I was so close to the end. I tried to keep up a faster pace but I was really done (I blame the hill). I was so glad to finish and was really confused as there were so many people waiting around at the end. I then realised that was the queue to get your time, so I joined it to print out my slip.

I knew going in to this race that the PR potential was about 99.5%.  I was correct and PR’d my time by over 6 minutes from last year!

Can you tell where the hill was? LOL!


It didn’t start raining until I was on my way home, so that made the run even better, on top of the PR!

On to week 10!

Overall distance for week 9: 17.1

Overall distance for week 8: 19.21

Overall distance for week 7: 22.14

Overall distance for week 6: 20.18

Overall distance for week 5: 18.12

Overall distance for week 4: 17.05

Overall distance for week 3: 18.15

Overall distance for week 2: 14.08

Overall distance for week 1: 12.70


I actually just wrote an entire post and it got lost, which is sad.  Although, I suppose it really doesn’t matter considering the fact that the last post I wrote had one view.  Meaning one person read it.  Just one.  😢  Which is also the number of people I’ve spoken to with my voice today, cats not included.  I’m not sure which is more pathetic.

At any rate, today’s run was once again on the treadmill, as Glasgow is quite damp and rainy at the moment, and there are few things in life I like less than getting my feet wet.  It was a run where it was a battle of wills; mine against the treadmill.  While I wasn’t overly tired or hungry or thirsty, it just felt like an overwhelming task for some reason.  I continued on, but I did want to just stop at mile 3 and go home.

I was glad when there was only a half mile left and I pushed it as hard as I could, just so it would be over.

The remainder of the week looks rainy, which is a bummer.  I was hoping it would be ok on Saturday for the race.  Hopefully the rain will hold off until after.


I know these posts aren’t exactly exciting, but it does show the realities of training for a race and how it feels to do so.  Some runs are fun, and some you are just in your head hoping you have the mental fortitude to make it through.  If there was a way to make that a bit more lively, I’d certainly be doing it!

Welcome to week 9!  Week 9 is where the training ramps up again in the form of tempo runs on Mondays.  Now, the run is meant to be done at a 9 mile per minute pace, which is very close to me sprinting all out.  I’m only 5’2″ and that is definitely not all leg.  😂

I did some investigating and found that the tempo run could be run 5 minutes fast 5 minutes slower- repeat until done.  So, this is what I did.  It was the practical solution.  I also ran this on the treadmill because 1. it was raining and 2. I can maintain a steady pace on the treadmill whereas trying to maintain a 9 and change pace outside doesn’t work well for me.

It went better than I expected, and I found I really didn’t need the 5 minutes of rest, more like 2-3 minutes if that.  Something to work on next Monday.  By the end, I was completely soaked through all my layers which was pretty gross, tbh.


Hopefully, the remainder of runs this week will go as well!