I think I missed a day.  Today was ok.  I’ve been having pain issues and yesterday when I was all set to go spinning I felt really weird; like low blood sugar or something.  I was sweating and shaking and ice cold.  I’m not sure what it was.

I weighed in today at 201.  Finally downward movement.

Today I ended up sleeping really late for some reason and I woke up all sore.  My joints are so sore when I wake up especially in my hands.  I don’t know what this is from.  I don’t know if this is some new symptom from my headaches or just from working out more.  Today my ring finger on my right hand especially hurts and has hurt all day.  Hmmmm.

I went to the gym at 3:30ish and used the cybex for a half hour and then took BodyPump.  It was hard even though I kept the weights low for this first time.  There were times I could have had heavier ones, but over all I stayed between 2.5 and 5 pounds, and used the 10s for triceps and abs.  I am sure I will be sore tomorrow.  According to my HRM I burned 790 calories total.

food log

 Oops I missed a few days.  I’ve been busy/not caring/idk

I went to see U2 yesterday and didn’t each much during the day; just a latte and some pumpkin bread.  I had pizza at the stadium and some yogurt when I got home.  I also finally got my hair cut.

Today I had a 10 minute massage before my adjustment and he did adjust my foot and it does feel better.  He says it is tighter than my left one.  I got a foot roller and some massage-ish lotion to see if that helps.  Then I had a free manicure and went to my neuro appt.  He has changed my meds again.  I’m now off the Keppra and T3s.  I’m now on dilantin and straight oxycodone.  One dose did nothing; I needed my full days dose to make the pain go away.   I will need to make a call to him and let him know one does jack shit.

By the time I got home I was starving/in pain so no gym again.  Augh.  I miss it and its been like 3 days.  I cannot wait to go tomorrow and run or spin.  I also need to decide between personal training and pilates and what I want to do.  And if I can afford it.  

My eating has been either too much or non existent.  I finally don’t feel like I have a cold for the most part so hopefully that will help.  But I don’t have much of an appetite; it’s a good thing I enjoy the protein shakes with the protein powder and fruit and now I am adding in fiber for an added benefit.  

I know I need to eat more veggies and I hope to start again tomorrow making sure I eat one box of frozen veggies a day at least.  

I also re-tried Pumpkin Spice lattes.  BAD IDEA.

today’s crappy food intake

food log

 I overslept today and had a horrible headache this morning.   My eating was off I feel like b/c I missed the morning LOL.  I didn’t count cals today; I may count points instead . . . I haven’t decided yet

Today I went to yoga and then pilates reformer.  Yoga was challenging enough that I felt like I got a workout.  It was hard to be the biggest person in the class (again).  It was hard to have to look at myself in the mirror.  I wonder if the mirrors are designed to make me look horrible?  I always sit in a position where I cannot really see myself in spinning, but in the yoga studio there was no choice; there were mirrored walls everywhere!  

Pilates was ok, I was tired and cold by then so I had a hard time focusing, especially toward the end when my stomach started growling.

food log