Today I had personal training again.  She seriously kicked my ass.  I kept getting major leg cramps which was no fun at all.  I was completely worn out when it was over.  After I did the elliptical for 35ish mins (the first one kept shutting off so I finally moved) and then soaked in the hot tub which felt awesome- except on my sunburn from yesterday.

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Age: 33
weight: somewhere between 200-205 lbs
Chest: 46.25"
Waist: 44.25"
Abdomen: 45.25"
Hip: 47"
Thigh: 23.25"
bicep: 14

waist to hip ratio: .94% BAD BAD BAD

% body fat 43.4% EVEN MORE BAD BAD BAD

Resting heart rate 87 (I was wicked nervous and had consumed copious ativan before this)

target heart rate: 156-171 or 26-29 beats in 10 seconds
MAX: 187

Step test: 170 heart rate… didn’t come down as fast as it should have. idk nerves + drugs

I have some serious work to do.   And this is hopefully the wake up call I need.

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protein shake w/ 1% milk, 1/2 banana, and the rest of the blackberries
ff greek yogurt
iced coffee

bulgar and veggies
grapes and clementines

smoothie at the gym

chicken nuggets
sweet potato chips

I have personal training at 2! And it was killer. I am exhausted. She had me doing arms and legs opposite each other; a lot of lunges and modified pushups. Then I did 40 minutes of interval training as part of C25K.

I soaked in the hot tub after and showered and I feel good, but soreish.