Fish pedicure review- 2011

*I have not been asked to write this review, I chose to.
**No fish were harmed in the writing of this entry, to my knowledge.

Yesterday I went to XFeet at the St. Enoch Centre to get a fish pedicure.  I had been curious about this service for some time, so when I was able to get a Groupon for it, I jumped on it.

When we got there, I was unsure who was an employee or a client until the employee came out of the back room.  There were a few people who were undertaking the pedicures and we had a wait time of about 5 minutes, which was fine.

We were asked to fill out medical/consent forms which asked if we had any relevant medical conditions and whatnot.  After that we were told to sit down at the tanks and remove our shoes and socks.   The employee came over and sprayed our feet with what I am assuming was an anti bacterial spray, and then we immersed our feet for about 15 minutes.

The fish were small and ticklish, but not annoyingly so.  They nibbled and swam around the tank and seemed to do what they were supposed to do; which is to eat the dead skin off your feet.

After, we were given paper towels to dry off and were sent on our way.

Verdict:  It was ok.  I’ve had better pedicures and results with callous removers.

Pros: It is always fun to try something new, especially when reasonably priced.  Some dead skin was removed.


1.  The reception desk should be up front, not in the back, so clients know where to do and who to talk to.  There should also be more than one person working, especially on a busy day.

2.  I would like to know how often the tanks are cleaned.  I felt kind of grossed out having to put my feet into a tank someone had just vacated without new water.

3.  I think the service would be a lot better if there was a pre and post pedicure service.  At the beginning a scrub and exfoliation should be done to get the feet ready for prime dead skin removal.  After the pedicure there should be a scrub with a pumice, lotion application, and a toenail polish (if desired) like when you get an actual pedicure.  This could be done by being in conjunction with a salon or by having technicians to do so.  I think that would have made the whole experience a lot better.

4.  The employees should always be visible and on the premise, not in the back.  (So ideally more than one employee should be there.)  This makes it convenient for clients coming in, and especially if there are concerns or questions by those receiving a service.

5. A price list should be available and visible.

6. Hygienic and health information should be available and visible.  If it was, I did not see it.

All in all, I would do it again if I found a place where a full pedicure service was given, like in this review in Glamour magazine and once all the health concerns have been addressed.


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