Massage at G1 Studio- 2012

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post by Groupon UK.  While Groupon generously paid for the “Groupon,” all thoughts, opinions and commentary are my own.

A few weeks ago Groupon contacted me and asked if I wanted to review a product or service for them.  They had been reading my blog and were interested in having me review either a fitness class or a service that could be beneficial to me, like a massage.  After weeks of weight training and spinning (and being sore in general) I chose one of the many massage services on offer from Groupon at G1 Studio on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow.  The offer was for an hour massage.  I initially had a hard time getting through on the phone.  I’m not sure if it was bad timing when I called or not, but I ended up just popping in one day to make the appointment since I was in the area.

Today (Thursday the 20th) was massage day!  My massage therapist was Michelle and she was nice and friendly, without being overly chatty, which I prefer during a massage.  She asked if I had any medical conditions or took any medications and then left me to disrobe and get settled on the table.  The room was a comfortable temperature and lit with ambient light without it being too dark or too light.  I was a little concerned about the relaxation factor as the Studio is a hair salon as well, but due to the warmth of the room she started a fan that worked as white noise.  This was perfect for me, as I use a fan all the time as white noise.  (It might not work for everyone, but the studio is under renovation and the room they are currently using will not be used all the time once the renovations are complete.)

After getting settled in the therapy room, Michelle came in and immediately began the massage.  I’m used to being asked as to where I would like the massage to be focused, but I also know it depends on the therapist.  She seemed to be right in tune with where I was sore, immediately focusing on my left shoulder.

The rest of the massage continued in comfortable silence as she worked on my left side, then right, and then my back in its entirety.  She then moved on to my legs and feet, which was great, as they have been rather uncomfortable lately.   Michelle then mentioned at the end the massage would conclude with a facial massage and mask, which I didn’t think was included, but was pleased all the same.

After finishing up on my legs and feet, Michelle washed her hands and had me turn over on to my back so that the facial massage and mask could take place.  Once it was, she said she asked if I was comfortable  (I was) and said she would return in five minutes.

At least 10 minutes later, (I know it was longer than 5 minutes, although time can appear to be longer when alone without access to a clock) she returned, removed the face mask and we were done.  I was glad of the face mask, but I had anticipated that the hour long massage would be an hour massage, not 40 minutes and then a face mask.  (Upon looking back at the Groupon I noticed that the 75 minute service included the face mask, but not the hour long service.)

This is the only complaint I had about the whole service.  And I hate to write that I wasn’t 100% happy with the service, especially when I was pleased overall, but I do want to be honest.  That being said, I would give G1 Studio 8/10 stars, and I would definitely go again.  It looked like they had some really great hair specials!


This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Groupon, who paid for the service.  All thoughts and opinion are my own. 

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