Race for life 5K- 2011

The morning dawned far too early and chilly for my liking.  I still wasn’t feeling (and still am not) better, but I downed cold meds and vitamins with a cup of coffee and rushed around getting ready.  I don’t like to be late for things, especially when I am not 100% sure of where I am going, and I didn’t double check the time the bus was leaving, so we ended up taking a later one, which ended up being fine.  One thing we learned today, don’t get off the bus when everyone else does- they might not have a clue where they are going either!

After a bit of wandering through Buchanan and St. Enoch, and a stop at Costa for Steph, we followed the sea of pink to Glasgow Green.  We dropped off 2 bags of clothing donations, and headed for the start.  Steph planned to run most of it, and I planned to do a mix, depending on whether or not I could breathe (not very well).

We were separated quickly, so I cranked up the tunes and read people’s messages of hope on their bibs as they passed me (gasping for air mostly LOL).  This hit a little close to home, as I would see young women and kids with bibs that said “for my mummy.”  I hadn’t realized (and IDK why) messages of hope and remembrance could be for anyone, not just people who had passed away from breast cancer.  (The large amount of remembrances for dads and grandpa’s showed this.) I definitely would have done my bib differently had I known.

I had a hard time keeping my heart rate down due to being ill and the cold meds I am sure.  I ended up walking more than I hoped b/c my heart rate was in the 150-160 range even while walking, and when running would boot up to over 180 very quickly.  I also wish I had reset my Nike+ at the start, as opposed to when I started it up walking TO the race.  There were no mile markers or water stops (??? why ???) so I had no idea of my time or how far I had gone.  My “official” finish was 43 minutes and change give or take, which is pretty good for an out of shape, and way too overweight for her height 35 year old! (ok, it isn’t, and I was humbled by many people I would consider not in the best shape passing me, including the elderly and those with canes.  Yes, I kid you not.)

Once I finally saw a mile marker for 4K, I was so relieved and I picked up my pace.  Finally I saw where the finish line was and pretty much sprinted (as much as I can sprint) to it!  I was greeted by volunteers and received a medal, a carry bag with random items, and a bottle of water (thank goodness).

Steph finished in 34 minutes and I am very proud of her- I never did a 34 minute 5K when I was in the best of shape and FAR skinnier.  (is also jealous)

I did try to take some pics along the way….. Some of my pics are dark, and I do apologize.

running past the statues at George Square



Bridge and the River Clyde

Greenhouse/Cafe on Glasgow Green

Fountain at People’s Palace

People’s Palace

more info on the fountain

I love this fountain!

View across the way

Look it’s the fountain again!

I do wish I had gotten pics of us before or after the race but that didn’t happen.  Oops.  I was very glad when it was over and I could sit down for a few and use my inhaler.  We had a bit of a hard time meeting up, but we did find each other in the sea of pink, and headed off to find food.  I was STARVING.  This is probably the first race I’ve ever done where I was so hungry after.

We made our way away from the Green and back through Merchant City and St. Enoch where we got the subway back to Hillhead and headed to Little Italy for pizza (to make up for all the calories I lost!).  The pizza was great and so was the cappuccino.  We stopped at a few shops on the way back, and then headed home, where I hit the showers.

We must have walked (and run) at least 5.5-6 miles in all today. (I turned off the timers/trackers after leaving the Green)  Not bad!

My legs are a little sore, and I am tired.  I hope for my next 5K I am not sick, and I weigh considerably less.

How was your weekend?  Did you run in any races?

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