8:45 am: Wake up on my own.  Am suitably impressed.  Get up pee, weigh myself, take meds.

9-10 am: Drink coffee, catch up on social media, email, etc.  I need this time to wake up.  And pet Bailey.  He’s a bit whiny and needs me to pet him every day at this time.  It’s nice.  I don’t mind.



(sorry I get excited about baseball)

10-10:30 am: Finish interneting, get dressed (for Pilates later), brush teeth.  Make sure I have my wallet, keys and iPhone and head to Starbucks.

10:30-11 am: Power walk up Byres Road to Marks and Spencer and Starbucks.  I spend more time waiting for the light to change at the corner of University Ave and Byres Road than I do in M&S.  Grab my cold brew at Starbucks (#coldbrew4life) and walk back home.  It starts to rain lightly.  I like this quiet time on Byres Road; after the morning commute and school rush and before it gets packed at lunch time.  Soon it will be packed non-stop once the university students return.

11-11:15 am: Make toast, feed Bailey, move computer to my desk.  Retrieve my notes from last night.

11:15-11:53 am: Organise thoughts and make notes about what I need to write.  Try to think big picture.  Feel very, very tired.

11:53 am:  Oooh the post has come.  I am disappointed.  It’s only my Graze box.

11:58 am: Bailey has a hyper and runs around the flat.

12-12:30 pm: Write.

12:30 pm: Reply to an email.  Get distracted.

1 pm: An increase of 80 words this hour.  I think.  I didn’t write the number I started at, so it’s a guess and I’m not counting the words I’ve added manually.  Trying to make sense of what I am saying.

1:20 pm: Get distracted by my skin and decide to wash my face.  This is why it has taken me 4 years to get this done! When I sit down to focus, I do anything but!

1:30 pm: Try to make sense of these findings and write them as a conclusion without sounding like a pretentious wanker.

2 pm: Net increase of 255 words this past hour.  Must think and write faster.  Need more caffeine!

Get completely distracted and frustrated over trying to explain what I am saying. Beg Steph for lunch.

2:40 pm: Om nom nom pancakes and bacon.

2:50 pm: Ok, now that I’m fed maybe I can get something accomplished.

3 pm: Let’s do this!






Result: +119 words.



4 pm: Discuss some findings with Steph to see if I can make better sense of it in my head.

4:45 pm: Enter my food into MFP to find out if I have enough calories for a snack before Pilates. Eat a frozen yogurt bar.

5 pm: + 24 words for the previous hour. FML.

This hour (5-6) left me with – words as I was doing a significant edit of the section and didn’t need to be repetitive since I was able to say what I had said previously, in a clear manner that made sense.  I’m so tense.  I need Pilates class.

And you can see from the above why I feel like I get nothing accomplished! I’m too easily distracted and lose focus quickly.  I hope I can get back on track tomorrow!

6 pm: Walk to Pilates class.  When I got there I found out that my favourite instructor won’t be teaching for the foreseeable future.  I am so bummed out.  🙁

7-8 pm: Pilates class.  All the stretching.  It felt great and I feel so much taller.

8-9 pm: Walk home from class.  Soon it will be too dark to walk home from class.  This makes me sad.  I enjoy the walk there and back (especially when it isn’t raining!)


9-10 pm: Shower, eat a salad, pet Bailey, create a new running playlist, organise some things. Steph has gone to buy food for dinner.

10-10:30 pm: Eat dinner.  Nom nom nom.

10:30 pm-12 am: Get ready for bed.  Wind down. Contemplate tomorrow which will include a 6 mile run. Good night!



What really happens now is that I listen to the Red Sox until I fall asleep between 12-1 am and then wonder why I can’t wake up at a reasonable hour! 

Despite countless tries, I can’t seem to get on a schedule.  I have no idea how other people PhD students do it; when do they do their washing up or laundry?  I mean all of this life gets in my way and then next thing I know it’s 5pm and I’ve got nothing done.  I know the answer is get up early, but with this medication I am on, it is not really feasible.  It knocks me out for a good 12 hours; not much I can do about it.  If I were to want to get up for 8 or 9 am I’d need to take the medication at 6pm, rendering me asleep by 7.  That’s just crap.  Right now I take it between 10-11 and am pretty much out until 10ish in the morning.  Unless I have a crap night’s sleep, like last night, when I was awake until 2 am stressing about all of this.  I think if I had a job to go to it would be easier, and people say I should just go to my office.  However I can’t work in the office because of the lights.  I’d manage about 2 hours tops without wanting to vomit from the headache the lights give me.  I know it sounds like excuses, but I really can’t change the fact I have chronic daily headache syndrome, and the uni isn’t about to give me a workspace with no lights.  FML.  So this was Thursday.

11:30: (I know, I know) wake up.  Headache is unbearable already.  Also extremely anxious; just what I need.

11:30-12: pee, take meds, check email, start coffee

12-12:15: make something to eat.  Bailey wants chicken.  I find him a new toy; one that came in his Christmas box.  (Not to be confused with Christmas Box.  Haha.)  (OK, I know like ONE of you got that, right?)

2015-01-29 12.35.49

12:15-12:30: eat, check internets

12:30-12:45: get dressed, put hair up

12:45-1: realise something needs to go out to the post; find tape, gets stuff ready.  This takes longer than it should b/c my hands are shaking from the anxiety despite the valium.

1-1:15: make sure I have everything I need for post office and physio appointment after, like my trainers.  It snowed overnight so I’m wearing my boots with the fur.

1:15-1:30: walk to post office, mail items

1:30-1:45 walk to physio

1:45-2:15: wait for physio.  I know I was early; there’s a half hour wasted, but I never know how long the lines will be at the post office, better to be safe than sorry.  Also I have to be early for everything

2:15-2:45: physio appt.  Prognosis is good.  I wish the paresthetica meralgia would ease up.

2:45-3: walk home

3-3:45: shower, dry hair, get dressed, put in load of laundry, make salad, start this post.  Hands are still shaking.  Am feeling very lightheaded and anxious still.

3:45-4: take vitamins, wash dishes I used for salad, watch trailer for the Spooks movie 🙂

4-4:15: Because I am meeting Steph for dinner (we have a voucher, last day to use it is today) I slap some make up on; put away laundry

4:15-5: edit this post, catch up on email, etc as I need to leave I know starting work will not benefit me, just make me more stressed out

5-6: travel into city centre, buy a new iphone cable, browse a bit before meeting for dinner

8: home.  Despite only having most of 1 glass of wine, I’m feeling tipsy.

Attempt to be proactive and get the items that I’ve sold (I started listing things before I got my loans in desperation) so I can take them to the post office tomorrow.

It’s 11 now and I need to start getting ready for bed.  I’ve walked 17.5K steps today.  Impressive.  I didn’t think I did all that much walking around either today, but I was busy around the flat and everything rather than just sitting on the couch; I was always doing something today, just not what I was supposed to be doing.