Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  I’ve been quite busy and once my Viva is done and dusted I’m sure I will be able to try to blog semi-regularly again.  I also need to decide if I’m going to keep this site up, as it’s up for renewal.  But first, I thought I’d compile some possible gift ideas for the runner in your life.  (Disclaimer: All these links are direct, no referrals, and I make no money on this whatsoever.)


  1. The Lululemon Fringe Fighter Headband:  I’ve got a rather small head and I have had a terrible time finding headbands that fit my head AND stay put.  I recently picked up the fringe fighter in the “We made too much” sale and am in love.  It stays on my head and it keeps my ears warm when it’s chilly!  Bonus! (I might have even picked up another one online recently, shhhhhh!)
  2. H&M Running Hat: If you prefer having your entire head covered (or the runner in your life rather) the H&M running hat is wicking and affordable.  The one I picked up last year even has a hole in the back for your ponytail/braid/bun.  Now, if it only fit my head properly!
  3. Buff multi-functional headwear: Buff’s are great.  I wear mine when it starts to get chilly and it protects my neck from draughts and the weather and I can pull it up over my nose and mouth if it’s really cold.  I recently picked this one up in grey so it would match both my navy and my black running outfits.  It’s multifuctional, so you’re not limited to using it just one way!
  4. North Face Etip gloves:  When it gets cold, you definitely need a pair of gloves out to keep your hands warm.  My hands and my feet are the first to suffer, so I make sure I keep them warm and as dry as possible.  I recently grabbed these gloves.  Now, I also have very small hands and I can just reach the tips of the gloves with my fingers in the X-Small.  They have the magic e-tip so you can use your mobile if you need to as well (although I always just end up taking off a glove).
  5. Smartwool socks:  I’ve totally jumped on the Smartwool bandwagon.  I bought these socks a few weeks ago and have worn them on a few chilly runs.  My feet have remained as cosy and dry as you can expect in Scotland in late November.  Seriously, they are great and I have asked Santa for a few more pairs of them for Christmas.  I wish I had them for my last 5k!  My toes might not have gone completely numb by the start!
  6. H&M Fleece running jacket:  I’ve literally just picked this up.  I’ve not worn it out on a run, but it looks to be a great addition to my winter running kit.  It’s really warm and soft and comes in a variety of colours.
  7. Fabletics Salar leggings (or capris): These leggings are great.  They are warm, comfortable, make your bum look great, and if you’re into lifting pass the squat test.  If only they had pockets, they would be the perfect legging.  They come in a variety of colours and patterns and many capris are in the sale!
  8. Flipbelt: If you’re tights/capris/shorts are short on pockets I’d recommend a Flipbelt for your running storage needs.  I’ve been able to fit my keys, inhaler, tissues, and shot blocks in them and still have room for my iPhone.  Flipbelts come in a variety of colours as well and are a great running gift or stocking stuffer!

Good luck shopping and have a great holiday season!

Have a great gift idea for the runner in your life?  Pop it in the comments!