Horray!  That’s the first week of training done and dusted!

The basics:

Run designation: long, easy

Distance: 5 miles

Goal pace: 11 minutes per mile

Actual pace: 11’48 (UGH!)

Weather: mild but windy AF

How did the run go:

I was well fuelled and hydrated for this run.  The first mile is always a bit slow as I walk for a few minutes to warm up.  I felt I really got into my stride during the second mile, mostly as the wind was at my back, (10’56).   Once I turned around and headed back home, I was running INTO the wind and oh did it suck.  I felt like the wind was tripping me up and several times I tripped over my own feet.  There were points where I was running so slow because I couldn’t get up enough resistance against the wind.

I run along the river and there are points where I feel like I’m just running into a wind tunnel on a windy day.  That was most certainly the case today.  It felt as though I was trying to run in water; my thigh muscles felt like they were working overtime!  Hopefully I won’t be too sore tomorrow!

While I wasn’t pleased with the overall pace, I’m glad I went out there and took on the weather.  Hopefully someday I will be better at running in windy conditions!


How did week 1 go?

Overall, ok.  I definitely need to work on pacing myself better.  I foresee some treadmill running this coming week, due to the rainy forecast, so I can work on finding a comfortable pace for these easy runs.  I also need to work on nutrition and fuelling these runs.  The past few days have contained far too many Timbits, so I need to come up with a better plan!

Next week also sees a deviation in schedule as my graduation is Tuesday, so I’ve had to move some of my other workouts around.  There will be some double workout days in the plan for sure!

Today’s run took place later than usual due to the fact I was out all day attempting to find shoes for graduation!  It would be easier to find a needle in a haystack!

The Basics:

Run designation: easy

Distance: 3 miles

Goal pace: 11 minutes per mile

Actual pace: 11’24” (but miles 2 and 3 were 10’46 and 10’59” respectively)

Weather: Windy, mild, cloudy with breaks of hot sunshine

How did the run go?

I’ve certainly had better runs!  I felt like I was very slow and sluggish the first mile (and at a 12’28” pace I was!) I don’t think I had waited enough time between eating my late lunch and running and it was later than I liked and I was just tired overall and really wasn’t feeling it at first.  Once that first mile was under my belt and I had finally got into a rhythm, I felt much better and the run ended on a better note than it started.

No running tomorrow; Friday’s a rest day.  I’ll be getting primped at the salon ahead of my graduation on Tuesday!  That is if I can find a pair of shoes tomorrow afternoon.


Hello! Welcome to my training for the Royal Parks Half Marathon! I’ll be blogging each of my running workouts over the next 16 weeks. Maybe I might even post a vlog, if I can get over the fact that I sound like a 10 year old. Each post will contain the basics of the workout, what kind of run, distance, goal pace, actual pace, and weather conditions as well as a summary of how the run went.

I’ll also be talking about how I’m running for Switchboard and fundraising for them again! I’m really excited to be doing so and hopefully it will be as great a success as the previous two fundraising endeavours. I’m just setting up the donation page, and there will be a link in the coming days.

You can also follow my training on Strava.

The basics

Run type designation: easy
Distance: 4.5 miles
Goal pace: 11 min/mile
Actual pace: 11’47”
Weather: Sunny, humid, windy, and about 22C (or really flipping hot to me at least!)

How did the run go?

I prefer to run after breakfast, around 10am-1pm. However, today I had an eye doctor appointment, which meant I had to run a bit later than I normally do. I went out around 6pm and it was sunny and hot. I’ve obviously acclimatised to the weather here, as 20C/70F feels really warm, especially when running. So this run wasn’t as good as it could have been, but it could have been worse.

Hopefully, the runs planned for mid week will be better and a bit faster!

What a week.  What started out as a great training week ended up being just a bit not good.  I managed to pull my left hamstring on Wednesday and spent the ret of the week stretching, icing, heating, and foam rolling.  I was able to do my long run on Sunday (I gave myself an extra day).  I didn’t run 10, as I wanted to.  I did run 7 and it went ok.  Hopefully I have enough training under my belt to manage this coming Sunday.  We will find out.

Monday:  A quick 2 miler.  I felt good and fast (for once).



Tuesday: Pilates class

Wednesday: 3 miles (was supposed to be 6).  I left feeling fine. Walking was fine, but as soon as I started to run my left hamstring was really uncomfortable.  It wasn’t a stabbing pain, more like a pull.  Last year I would have pushed through the pain but this year I played it smart and cut the run short.



Thursday/Friday: Lots of rest, icing, heat, stretching and foam rolling

Saturday: I was getting stir crazy so I went to the gym. 30 minutes on the spin bike and 30 minutes on the elliptical.  No pain and I figured I was good to go for Sunday.

Sunday: 7 mile run (was supposed to be 10).  While my hamstring wasn’t 100% pain free, I felt ok. I was actually a bit faster than usual, so I guess rest always helps (and bodes well for the half).  It was a chilly and damp run which is part of the reason why I cut it short.  I didn’t want to slip on wet pavement or leaves and really injure myself.  Mentally, I could have kept running.  But I knew that I should keep it a bit shorter. I’m hoping this was the right decision.



This week will involve plenty of rest, icing, and foam rolling and I will try to pop in and see the physio just in case.

Sunday is the half!



I’m still helping with the fundraiser for Mark Gatiss’s 50th birthday!  The fundraiser benefits Switchboard, and Mark is one of their patrons.

For more information, visit the fundraising Tumblr

To donate, visit the JustGiving page.


This week was a relatively quiet week.  It’s nice to have after the stress and hectic times prior to submitting my thesis.

Monday: 2 mile run.  If only I could be this “fast” when I am running more than 2 miles.


Tuesday: Pilates class

Wednesday: 6 mile run. I managed to accidentally pause my Fitbit for a few minutes.  I felt like my legs were really heavy and I was very tired on this run.


Thursday and Friday: Rest days.  I definitely felt like I needed more rest.  I’ve been very sore and tired lately.

Saturday: 9 mile run.  I’m not sure how I was even slower than last week.  I felt achy and sore while running and felt really, really slow- which I was.  I wish I could get over this mental hurdle, as I know a lot of it is mental.


I certainly hope that the excitement of the race will help me pick up my pace and that I will be a bit lot faster than this run!

Here’s my view at the half-way point yesterday.




On a completely unrelated note, I’ve organised a fundraiser for Mark Gatiss’s 50th birthday.  It benefits Switchboard who do amazing work supporting the LGBT+ community. Mark is one of their patrons.  You can donate here.  It’s only been two days, but we’re already at 20% of the goal!