I actually just wrote an entire post and it got lost, which is sad.  Although, I suppose it really doesn’t matter considering the fact that the last post I wrote had one view.  Meaning one person read it.  Just one.  😢  Which is also the number of people I’ve spoken to with my voice today, cats not included.  I’m not sure which is more pathetic.

At any rate, today’s run was once again on the treadmill, as Glasgow is quite damp and rainy at the moment, and there are few things in life I like less than getting my feet wet.  It was a run where it was a battle of wills; mine against the treadmill.  While I wasn’t overly tired or hungry or thirsty, it just felt like an overwhelming task for some reason.  I continued on, but I did want to just stop at mile 3 and go home.

I was glad when there was only a half mile left and I pushed it as hard as I could, just so it would be over.

The remainder of the week looks rainy, which is a bummer.  I was hoping it would be ok on Saturday for the race.  Hopefully the rain will hold off until after.


I know these posts aren’t exactly exciting, but it does show the realities of training for a race and how it feels to do so.  Some runs are fun, and some you are just in your head hoping you have the mental fortitude to make it through.  If there was a way to make that a bit more lively, I’d certainly be doing it!

Welcome to week 9!  Week 9 is where the training ramps up again in the form of tempo runs on Mondays.  Now, the run is meant to be done at a 9 mile per minute pace, which is very close to me sprinting all out.  I’m only 5’2″ and that is definitely not all leg.  😂

I did some investigating and found that the tempo run could be run 5 minutes fast 5 minutes slower- repeat until done.  So, this is what I did.  It was the practical solution.  I also ran this on the treadmill because 1. it was raining and 2. I can maintain a steady pace on the treadmill whereas trying to maintain a 9 and change pace outside doesn’t work well for me.

It went better than I expected, and I found I really didn’t need the 5 minutes of rest, more like 2-3 minutes if that.  Something to work on next Monday.  By the end, I was completely soaked through all my layers which was pretty gross, tbh.


Hopefully, the remainder of runs this week will go as well!

Today I had 6 on the schedule, but had intended to swap with next week as I am running a race.  I ended up doing 7 slow miles, and that was ok.  I wasn’t feeling well yesterday so this was to be expected.

Mile 4 shouldn’t have been as slow as it was, but I had to divert my usual route due to the Green being closed off.  I had to go around the park and then into it, and had to slow down to a walk because of all the pedestrians, cyclists, and the large buses blocking the path.

It was a nice enough day at least, and no rain, unlike last week.


Overall distance for week 8: 19.21

Overall distance for week 7: 22.14

Overall distance for week 6: 20.18

Overall distance for week 5: 18.12

Overall distance for week 4: 17.05

Overall distance for week 3: 18.15

Overall distance for week 2: 14.08

Overall distance for week 1: 12.70

I really enjoy Thursday runs as they are only 3 miles. 😊  Not that I don’t enjoy the other runs, but 3 miles is just a quick run to the Squinty bridge and back and it really frees up the rest of my day to do other things.  I don’t have to worry about fuel or water; all I need I can shove in the pockets of my capris or shorts- and I’m off.

Today I felt good, once the vestiges of soreness of the first mile wore off.  I felt pretty good for most of the run and was only mildly annoyed when my old foe, the headwind, had returned.  It was a bit chilly at first as well, with no sun beating down to keep me warm.


Tomorrow is a much needed rest day and I am looking forward to it.  Saturday looks to be a lovely day for an 8 mile run!

Today’s run, well it was a run.  I started off feeling very slow and achy, a result of last night’s 2 hours of Pilates.  I felt really good for the second mile, the warmth of the sun (for once!) and of the day loosening my muscles.  It shows in that mile’s time.

After that, I felt too hot and too slow.  Perhaps I was under-fuelled and I know I was definitely not properly hydrated, as I felt pretty rough for the remainder of the day.   Oh well, lesson learned!


Hopefully, tomorrow’s 3 miles will be better AND the weather for Saturday’s run looks fine!

Coming soon, blog posts about my new gadget and my most recent purchase from Lululemon!