Today’s run, well it was a run.  I started off feeling very slow and achy, a result of last night’s 2 hours of Pilates.  I felt really good for the second mile, the warmth of the sun (for once!) and of the day loosening my muscles.  It shows in that mile’s time.

After that, I felt too hot and too slow.  Perhaps I was under-fuelled and I know I was definitely not properly hydrated, as I felt pretty rough for the remainder of the day.   Oh well, lesson learned!


Hopefully, tomorrow’s 3 miles will be better AND the weather for Saturday’s run looks fine!

Coming soon, blog posts about my new gadget and my most recent purchase from Lululemon!

Welcome to week 8!  We’re halfway to the half marathon (it’s 2 months from tomorrow)! I’m actually getting excited, especially as I’m making my travel arrangements.  All I want is a reasonably priced hotel room with a bathtub (or a hotel with a hot tub).  [If you have any recommendations, hit me up here in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook!]  This is apparently impossible in London, so I might have to figure something else out or wait until I return home to take a long, hot bath.

Today’s run was another run to beat the rain and I was successful!  I was a bit achy at first, but overall I felt fine for these 4.5 miles.

I’m looking forward to this week’s training runs and the race I’m running on the 19th.  It’s the OUTrun, as part of Glasgow’s Pride Weekend.  I’ll be going for a PR and hoping to beat last summer’s time.

Don’t forget that I’m fundraising in addition to taking part in the Royal Parks Half.  I’m raising money for Switchboard LGBT and you can donate here!


Today I ran 10 miles and it was. . . mostly good.

The run started off fine, but it started downpouring at about 4km.  I stopped and waited under a bridge for about 15 minutes.  If it had been a light rain, that would have been one thing, but it was really coming down!  Once it tapered, off I continued on.  I did debate with myself if I should just do half outside and half on the treadmill, when the sun came out.  So, I carried on.  (I enjoyed the last audiobook in the new Blake’s 7 series, Spoils of War, called Solus.  It was great!)

And the run was beautiful.

After I had run 8km/5mi, I headed back home.  I kept a relatively steady pace, avoided cyclists and puddles, and just enjoyed the run.

With about a mile and a half left, the skies darkened and it began to pour.  Huge raindrops and a strong wind made me feel like I was being pelleted, and I sprinted for cover (and got my fastest mile time of the day because of it!).  After about 10 minutes, it had eased off enough, and considering I was already soaked, I hurried home.  When I arrived home, the sun came out again (of course).

And because I forgot to unpause my Fitbit at a traffic light, here’s my Runkeeper for the day.

All in all, it was a good run.

Overall distance for week 7: 22.14

Overall distance for week 6: 20.18

Overall distance for week 5: 18.12

Overall distance for week 4: 17.05

Overall distance for week 3: 18.15

Overall distance for week 2: 14.08

Overall distance for week 1: 12.70

Today’s run was great!  I know, I can’t believe it either.  I went to the gym because I needed to get some lifting in, and it kept randomly downpouring throughout the afternoon and I really didn’t want to get caught out in that.

So I jumped on the treadmill, slowly increased the pace over time, and just ran.  It was one of those days where you feel like you can run forever.  And most of my body didn’t hurt (much).  And I didn’t even think, just listened to music, which for me is pretty difficult to do.

I mean, the tagline of my blog is “Analysing everything like we live in a fishbowl since 1993,” which I do on the regular.  I mean it took me four hours to send a bloody Tweet today, because I had to make sure it was grammatically correct and whatnot.  And then there was the obsessing over the content and wondering if I should bother to be witty (spoiler: I wasn’t).

But I digress.  So yes, three lovely miles on the treadmill and I’m hoping that the ten mile run planned for this weekend will be just as good.  And that it won’t rain or be too windy.

Today’s run was a run to beat the rain.  Rain had been forecast to begin around noon, so I managed to get out by quarter of 11.  I wasn’t as fast as I could have/should have been but I am fairly sure that my 4th mile should have been faster because I forgot to pause my watch at the stoplight! Overall, I felt pretty good, despite being a bit sore from 2 hours of Pilates the evening before.


Today’s recovery included foam rolling, an epsom salt bath, and an hour sports massage.  It hurt so good and was much needed.  Definitely something to keep in mind as training ramps up.  I’m sure I’ll be getting another one sooner than later!

I know I carry on a bit about pace and worrying about it overall, but today while I was on my run I took some time to think about why I was really doing all of this.  It’s not because I want to be the best runner in the world, but because I want to be the best me I can be.  I know I might forget about this in the midst of all the training and running and worrying about not being fast enough.  But in the end, an 11 or 12 minute mile will still get me across the finish line.

I meant every word I said earlier.  I don’t want to go back to the person I was 4-5+ years ago.  I was miserable and unhappy and I wasn’t living a healthy or my best life.  I was miserable, fat, and didn’t want to do do anything or go anywhere.  I was ashamed at what I had become.  And now, while I’m not exactly where I would like to be, every day I am getting closer to it.