This was my third time running the Glasgow Women’s 10K.  All week long the weather had been looking pretty miserable for Sunday, but I woke up to partly cloudy skies and enough sunshine for me to regret not wearing shorts.  I had my now customary pre-race breakfast of a donut and cold brew and walked over to Kelvingrove Park.

I stood in the queue for the porta-loos 3 times, which was one time too few.  By the time I was in the corral, I really had to wee again and I was very annoyed at myself for not popping out of the warmup to use a porta-loo.

I was quite moved by the moment of silence for both the London Bridge attack that had occurred the evening before and the Manchester bombing two weeks ago.  It was so quiet and still; even the birds were silent.

We started at 10 minutes past 11.  It was warm and the sun had actually come fully out at this point.  It was pretty crowded but I tried to keep an even pace and ended up doing the first km in 6:18 which is pretty unheard of when not in a race situation.  The first km brings you down and out of Kelvin Way towards my old office building at Uni and up into Kelvingrove Park.

The second km brings you into/through Kelvingrove Park, where the pavement is a bit more narrow.  However, this year I was in the second corral so people were running and not walking with prams. I was surprised to see afterward that this km was run in 5:52 given that there’s a fairly significant hill!

The third km starts out at leaving the park and heading down past the Kelvingrove museum and then down a side street to the street I live on and then along past my flat. (6:21). I was hoping to see my flatmate but I’d been keeping a quick (for me) pace so she wasn’t outside.  It’s probably good that she wasn’t as I would have begged her to let me in so I could have a wee!

This starts the 4th km (6:36) as we head down towards the river and past and around the Riverside museum.  I was really hot at this point, and this was when I had to take my first short walk break.  Right before the 5km marker (6:55), was the water station.  I was SO glad for it, but wished they had given out full sized bottles, not half.  I wanted it to last but knew it wouldn’t.  I splashed some down my back and finished it as we headed along the river (the path I take normally when I run) past the hotel and then down to the other side of the river and around the science centre observation point and then past the BBC.

Now we’re at 6-7km (7:10 and 7:19) and it’s really quite warm and I’m kicking myself for not wearing shorts.  I stopped to walk a few times for about 10 seconds or so, as you can see from my decreasing times, but kept plodding on.

I tried to get enthused as I went over the Squinty bridge and even took a picture as I ran up and over it.  Right after,  at 7.5 km was the “power shower.”  I had laughed about it the day before thinking why would we need that if it was going to rain.  I wasn’t laughing as I ran through it as the water was ice cold, but so nice.  Luckily there was a nice breeze right after and I cooled off a bit!

I knew at that point I could PR but I had to stop walking, even if I ran slower, I had to keep going. (8km: 6:57)  Of course this is where the course gets all weird and twisty and I’m like where the fuck are we going.  They tried to make it less twisty then the year before but instead it was just kind of obnoxious, making the start of the 9th km (7:01) a frigging hill.  I was not amused by that and all I wanted was to finish.  I knew it was close so I just kept pushing and used every little bit of energy I had to get to the finish line.  (10 km 6:49) I really felt quite ill after that for a few minutes and was so glad that there was water in my goodie bag.

My chip time was 1:08:28 which was a PR.  Last year I ran the 10K in 1:22 (but had injured my knee and had slowed down in the second half of the race).  My previous PR was 1:12 I believe but a lot of the 10K’s I’ve run were not chip timed, so it’s hard to tell how accurate the time is as it’s based on Runkeeper. I do have some more to say about the PR and whatnot, but this post has gone on long enough, so I’ll have to save it for another entry.

Here’s a selection of photos from the event, including one of the race photos (a rare purchase!) as I’m just about to cross the finish line.

First, don’t get up until 10:30am.  Despite the fact it is early enough still to run (by heat standards) you aren’t going anywhere without any coffee.  Once you’ve had some coffee, well then you need to have breakfast.  Otherwise you won’t have any energy.

Second, have a doctor’s appointment at 2pm.  Still plenty of time you think.   Zoom through the appointment (no change in Lyrica, decrease Amitriptaline to see if this will help with spaced-outiness)   A quick trip to Boots and Waitrose and head back home. Now all you have to worry about is the pesky showers that have been forecast.  Oh and this.

Never mind that it was 22C/72F when you will be done with this run.  Now I know why runners get up early.

Did I fail to mention the only thing I’ve had to drink today is iced coffee, and more iced coffee.

Three, grab your Nuun water, strap on your Polar HRM, run, quite literally out the door.

Four, head to Kelvingrove park where everyone and their aunt is there.  Seriously.  The park is packed with mums with prams (who have to walk in groups of three across the path), kids in daycare after school playing with balls, surly teen skateboarders, pedestrians, other runners, cyclists, and pretty much everyone in Glasgow.

Five.  Shit.  Kelvingrove park is hilly.

Six, try to practice all you learned about running from @RunWithKaren while simultaneously watching the pavement, dodging the city of Glasgow, minding your knee, and your opposite foot with the blister on it.  I’m fairly certain I looked ridiculous.  It’s not easy to try to run as if you have a credit card between your bum cheeks.  :\

Seven, realize that this water bottle is terrible and end up wearing a good portion of your last tablet of Nuun.  🙁

Eight, realize you have the WORST iPhone5 armband in existance.  It won’t stay up on your still a bit too fat bicep without cutting off circulation, and for some reason it won’t stay on your forearm.  It looks like the velcro is too sweaty, or has worn out after 3 uses.  #fail

Nine, finally my interval timer has stopped.  Did I mention I was hot?

2013-05-20 15.51.11


Proof is in the pictures.  Special shout out to Erica for telling me about this app.

2013-05-20 19.45.37


The one thing that did work?  My new Popband hair elastic.***  It seriously kept my hair up the entire time AND didn’t leave any kinks when I took it down.  Usually once my hair is up, it stays up because the hair elastic leaves the kink in my hair, and it looks silly if I take it down.  Not this time!  I am a fan for life.  Go check them out!

Lastly, I get to do this again tomorrow?  Bring it on!  🙂



(***Disclaimer: I bought the Popbands with my own hard earned money and I’ve blogged about it because I thought they were brilliant!  This is not a sponsored post.***)