When I was living in Glasgow, I tried a local run club that was well rated and was quite popular.  I had hoped to meet some like minded people and improve my running.

Instead, I felt worse about myself and my running, and I certainly didn’t meet anyone.  I went several times for an entire summer and I really tried to make it work.  But it was so exhausting and demoralising to be the LAST one every time and to not be able to complete the intervals (when we did intervals) because I was that much slower than everyone else.  (Not to mention I fucking hate intervals where you are running literally 5-7 laps as fast as you can with a 30 second break.)

And then there were the time trials, where I was ALWAYS the last person and was practically dragged around by the last pacer.  I remember it being a warm (for Glasgow) summer night and I was gasping for breath and he wouldn’t let me slow down.  I hated every second of it.  And then to get to the finish line with everyone who had already finished already standing around (and looking bored) waiting for me.  It was embarrassing and humiliating.

After that, I stopped going.

And after that I decided that run clubs weren’t for me.

Then I moved to Cardiff and I found that there was a local (and by local I mean a 2 minute walk local!) women’s run club, that on paper sounded perfect.  The page read that they were inclusive, catered to everyone, and had a variety of different runs and paces every week.

So, I took a chance and checked it out.

And I was glad that I did. It’s been brilliant and amazing!  Everyone has been welcoming, every run caters to a variety of distance and paces, and best of all- it’s been fun!

I’ve really enjoyed these evening runs, and I am looking forward to next week’s run!

I’m always caught between my thesis, writing for pleasure, social media, and writing a blog entry.  Guess what comes last consistently?

So, April.  Let’s see.  I’ve been running 3 times a week and I’ve started going to Pilates again.  I even signed up for a reformer class and that has been going well.

Even more out of character, I joined a run club and I PRed my 5k.

I’m still not sure it’s right for me, to be honest.  I am, by far, the slowest.  I don’t like to be the worst or last at something; probably a character flaw.  I am glad that I tried, and even more that I waited until now to do so.  If I had tried a year and a half ago when I had originally considered it, I probably would have never run again.

This has nothing to do with the club or the people, as they have all been very nice and welcoming.  I just feel very insecure and uncomfortable when I’m so noticeably different.

I didn’t go last week because it was freezing and rain/snowing and I had just gotten my hair done (I know, vanity).  Hopefully this week will be more favourable as I really dislike running in the rain.  I have texture issues and wet socks really squick me out.  Maybe someday I’ll get past that.

I’ve signed up for the Women’s 10K in June and am ready for it!

In thesis news, it’s actually going well, a far cry from where I was a year ago!  My supervisors are pleased, I’m pleased.  I’m getting the support I need.  All I need to do is to stop procrastinating!

I’ve planned out my 41st birthday.  I wasn’t sure anything could top my 40th, but it looks like this birthday is going to be close.  #adorablehusbands #internetBFFs #London #theatre

And last, but most certainly not least, this happened.  It certainly was a great way to end April!

2016-04-30 20.48.41


Ahead for May?  Having the first full draft of my thesis completed (Eeeeek!), attending my first Barre class, and hopefully finding something fun or adventurous to do.